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From one of our Charter clients – Pierre “I had a wonderful time with your Skipper and his son as Deck-Hand! They were more than professional and made me as novice feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. They put me onto fish! and I am a happy camper”

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Alan Gower said, “Thanks again for a fantastic day out fishing on Wednesday. It was really an expected bonus to catch the marlin.. I am sure that its an experience that Kevin will remember for the rest of his life.”

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John Lewis told us; “I have been following your site for quite some time and I see fishing tips and experiences being covered quite often. I happen to stumble upon your post about teaching kids the ABC of fishing and I really enjoyed going through it as it was really interesting and informative for me. Great stuff!”

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Gretha Hattingh

January 2021

Malville en Martin dit was net n plesier om saam met jul uit te gaan. Mooi visse gevang. Sal verseker weer saam met jul 2 gaan!


Malville and Martin, it was just a pleasure to go out with you. Nice fish caught. Will definitely go with you 2 again.


Jason Frewin

December 2020

Best fishing charter on the coast!


Marina De La Harpe

November, 7 2017

First time out deep-sea fishing. Really enjoyed it although it was quite cold on the day we went out. The guys on the boat were very nice and always ready to help. I’m quite a small lady and found the fishing rods quite heavy, and they were always ready to help me reel it in. Very knowledgeable folks working here and they have quite a bit of respect for the sea. I really appreciated that


Alicia Poley

October, 10 2017



Frans Helm

September, 26 2017

Experience of a lifetime


Fred Scheepers

July, 11 2017

My son – Luke – and I went out on MB6 this morning with Kyle & Dirk. What an awesome experience – don’t know what was better – the fishing or the whales & dolphins!


Karinien Stokes

October, 19 2017

Wow… had my very first experience on a speed boat in the open see with this club .. Even saw whales and plenty of dolphin… was amazing…

Thabo Nnena

October, 19 2017

I had a memorable ride on a boat in the Ocean. Managed to see whales at close range. For a reasonable fee. Comes highly recommended. Very good skipper took us out on a fabulous ride.


October, 05 2017

We were going out to see some wales and what can I say is, that we had the time of our life! Our skipper Kyle managed to bring us really close to the wales and even on the way back to shore we saw so many dolphins following and playing with the boat. We also saw flying fishes and an albatross. Thank you guys again for this absolutely amazing adventure.

Erick van Zyl

April 5, 2017

My fiance and I had two amazing pleasure cruises with Kyle and
Dirk at must byt. We even got to see a pod of dolphins up close.
I will recommend Must Byt to anyone.
Thanx again

Adele Steyn

Oct 15, 2016

My Husband was on a trip and loved it!

Susan Venter                                                                                                

May 31, 2016

So interesting to watch the boats.

Mthunzi Tiger                                                                                               

Jan 23, 2017

Best fishing area

Martie Muller                                                                                               

Jan 7, 2017

Beautiful rocks and ocean life.

Shaun H                                                                                                           

Jan 5, 2017

Quality boats, good Skippers

justin middleton                                                                                           

Jan 2, 2017

The user left just a rating.

The Rod &Reel                                                                                               

Nov 7, 2016

Amazing fishing spot if you looking for those big

fish and rays great for spinning and dive charters.

Adele Steyn                                                                                                       

Oct 15, 2016

Husband was on a trip love it

Jon Sherry                                                                                                         

Jul 7, 2016

Great location at the heart of our South Coast holiday.

Marle Foster                                                                                                     

 Jul 7, 2016

It was well worth the trip. We were fortunate enough to see
a school of dolphins up close. Thank you guys!

Susan Venter                                                                                                       

May 31, 2016

interesting to watch the boats.

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Ugesh Ramnath

31 December 2020

Went out on 26 Dec 2019 for a bottom fishing experience with 3 young boys and some adult novices. Skipper was excellent – all had a blast! Great fun!


Nico LindequeMarch, 19 2019
Wat n lekker dag. Skipper Nico en deck hand beer ken hul store en was baie aangenaam en vriendelik. Jul is tops.
What a great day. Skipper Nico and deckhand Bear know their store and it was very pleasant and friendly. You are tops.

Marlize K Pietersen

October, 25 2018
Fun times and so so much more than a simple boat ride. Loved it

Adel Snyman

June, 24 2018
We had so much fun….. tx to all the staff for making our trip an awesome experience.

Dallon Van Huyssteen
April, 4 2018

Sindy van der Merwe

January, 25 2018

Beslis die moeite werd.baie dolfyne gesien en fun gehad.

Debsie Groenewald 

January, 11 2018
It was very nice and it is was the skippers birthday and that made it very special he made it worthwhile all the way thanks to all the people even the lady’s at reception was very nice. It is a must-have trip

Carien Storm

January, 7 2018

My husband and 11 year old son went out with Must Byt charters on a very windy day. They had a fantastic time despite the weather. Excellent staff and equipment. A real professional set up

Maudie Herbst

December, 6 2017

Was moer lekker. As jy dit nie doen nie is jy n fool gaan doen dit gerus. Dis God se waters, jys Veilig daar in. That’s my believe

Julie Van Der Merwe 

September, 14 2017

What an awesome experience!!! Will see you definitely again!!

Jaun Henri Nel 

Aug 14, 2016

Was sooo lekker!! Awesome tye saam beste mense****

Andries Botha

May 12, 2014

Absolutely fantastic. Looking forward in catching a Marlin during hopefully Sept.
The recent fun ride was unforgettable and great – Alala

Lahni Smit 

April 23, 2014

Absolutely awesome

Mario van Wyngaardt

July 20, 2014

Best trip ever thanks to Winston for his good knowledge about the sea.


Kevrin Naidoo

July 15, 2014

Best ever. Well coordinated from top management to bottom management


Jacques Cloete

May 18, 2015

What an awesome experience. Give them a try, You will not be dissapointed.


Daan Jansen Van Vuuren

Dec 19, 2014

The best, best boat, best skipper, best equippement. Try them!!!


Nino Esteves

Jan 15, 2015

I rate Must Byt 5 out a 5 equipment is the best money can buy! Knowledge of the see and the professional approach to catering for their clients specific requirements top notch. Must Byt has proven there’s no reason to go any where els to target big game fishing.


James Carlsen

May 16, 2016

Fantastic morning! Great boat with top of the range gear and Mike is a star! Highly recommended!


Christie Parker

Jun 19, 2016

Every local and holidaying guest to the south coast should do this! What a thrilling experience, will definitely do it again! So much fun and the guides are very professional, but also know how to make you have some serious fun! Worth every penny (*)


Stoffies Odendaal 

July 10, 2016

This was an awesome experience. Thanks for great trip and showing the dolphins. Skipper very professional and gave some interesting information. This is certainly a must do when down in Margate area.


Anneke Stephan Du Plooy

Dec 22, 2016

Thanks Brett for making our trip Awesome!!

Stunning fishing and excellent service!!


Thulane Mokoena

Feb 14, 2014

Grrrreat Stuff!

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Must Byt Fishing Charters offers our clients the ultimate experience in the big game and bottom deep sea fishing. Including corporate charters and accommodation. The South Coast waters offer some of the richest fishing grounds with an abundance of game fish.

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