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South African Fishing Slang

In this fun article we take a look at some lekker and local South African fishing slang words & phrases.

  • “Gooi” – Cast or throw
  • “Papgooi” – Fishing for carp with mealie bomb
  • “Vas” – Hooked a fish
  • “Chokka or Tjokka” – Squid used for bait
  • “Couta or Katonkel” – King Mackerel
  • “Dassie” – Blacktail
  • “Elf” – Shad
  • “Bluefish” – A lot of confusion with this, it can refer to a Shad or a Bronze Bream
  • “Hottie or Hottentot” – An offshore species of the Bronze Bream
  • “C & R” – Catch and Release
  • “Coffee Grinder” – A fixed spool reel
  • “Penn Reel” – A multiplier or open spool reel
  • “KP” – A Scarborough reel
  • “Grapnell” – A sinker with wires coming out of it to stick in the sand
  • “Bonnie” – A small species of Tuna (Bonito) used as bait
  • “Raggie” – Ragged Tooth Shark
  • “Bronzy” – Bronze Whaler Shark
  • “Zambi” – Zambezi Shark
  • “Tight lines” & “Stywe Lyne” – Good luck with the fishing
  • “PB” – Personal Best (Biggest) fish
  • “Sea Pike or Sea Spike” – Pickhandle Barracuda
  • “Popper” & “Plug” – A floating lure
  • “Winch The Fish In” – Using heavy tackle to land a small fish
  • “Pecker” – Small fish that eat away at your bait
  • “Lead Head” – A hook with a weight on the eye
  • “Swim Bait” – A live fish hooked onto your rig to catch a bigger fish
  • “Free Spool” – When line can be taken off the reel easily
  • “Rig or Trace” – The name given to the line, hook, sinker and swivel
  • “Modderbeck” – Mudfish
  • “Policeman” – Red and white ball-shaped float
  • “Sand Spike” – Rod holder for beach fishing
  • “Damba” – Galjoen
  • “Bucket” – Rod holder that straps around your waist
  • “Prawn Pump” – A piece of PVS or steel turned into a pump to suck bait out of the ground
  • “Pull” – When you get a bite
  • “Braid” – Strong line with a very thin diameter
  • “Leerie” – Leervis or Garrick
  • “Brusher or Cracker” – White Musselcracker
  • “Poensie or Poenskop” – Black Musselcracker
  • “Tunny or Tunnie” – Tuna
  • “Scratching” – Fishing with a light tackle from the rocks or the beach targeting “edibles”
  • “Beck” – Geelbeck
  • “Stumpie” – Stumpnose
  • “Dorie” – Dorado or Dolphinfish
  • “Burnt Off” – Get your line cut off
  • “Jig” – A lure fished vertically
  • “Long Line Release” – When a fish gets off your hook before you land it
  • “Foul Hook” – Catching a fish where the hook is not in its mouth but in its body somewhere
  • “Bottom Feeders” – Fish species that feed on the floor of the oceans and freshwater systems
  • “Dropshot” – The technique used with a leadhead and an artificial
  • “Drag” – The brakes on a fishing reel
  • “Running or Run” – When a fish picks up the bait and starts taking line
  • “Strike” – When you set the hook
  • “Hit it” – Strike
  • “Troll or Trolling” – Dragging baits or lures behind a boat or floating
  • “Trebles” – Three hooks in one, normally used on lures and spoons

Let us know if we left any off that you use.

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