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Posted on Apr 12, 2014 in All about Fishing, Back on Land, Conservation, Fish Species 101, Know Your Tackle, Must-Byt News, Specials & Competitions, Team Building | 2 comments

Latest Sightings at Sea

Friday 11 April 2014

Recently Must-Byt’s marketing team, Rainbow Square Marketing was on a photoshoot as passengers on a Must-Byt Fun Boat Ride.

Apart from seeing several pods of dolphins, the Must-Byt clients were priviledged to see several high leaps into the air of a dolphin actually in the process of giving birth. See the photo!

The Picture was captured by Elise Earnshaw using a ‘point and shoot’ camera which other Must-Byt passengers also photographed with delight.


  1. This article alone shows your talent and skill at writing on this topic. I am very impressed and I sincerely hope you plan on coiiuntnng with these. I’ll return soon.

    • Thanks very much, we appreciate your feedback!

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