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Posted on Oct 25, 2020 in Must-Byt News | 0 comments

Fishing is the perfect team building activity

With year-end functions just around the corner, we thought we would share these 11 awesome reasons why fishing is the perfect team-building activity!

We would like to give a shout out and say a special thank you to Line and Sight for this incredible article.
Numbers prove that team cohesion can make or break a company. CEOs and top-level executives are constantly on the hunt for activities that can improve co-worker relationships.

Fishing is that perfect activity! There’s time for action, learning, teaching, and memory-building on every fishing trip.

In fact, fishing provides every element a team-builder could dream of.

1.      Fishing is fun!

The most valuable component of fishing for company team building is that you can provide it as a reward. Employees don’t even have to know that it’s a team building activity.

2.      Every fishing group has a mix of skills.

There can be a friendly group competition, but with the various levels of skills will provide a learning atmosphere. More importantly, it will provide an opportunity for co-workers to help each other in a non-stressful environment. The mixture of fishing experience in any group often puts a teacher in a learning position. This role change is another form of team glue. It helps leaders understand the value of each individual’s experience and skill.

3.      Group fishing events help identify new team leaders.

Company fishing trips give managers a chance to find new leadership prospects. In the mix of action that occurs while group fishing, the qualities you want in a leader will stand out like a sore thumb. Friendly participants who are quick to help another will make your preliminary list.

4.      It fosters bonding and trust.

When you stick a team of workers together on fishing boat a lot of underlying prejudices can be released. People judge each other for all sorts of different reasons and a fishing trip helps clears the air. Many conversations that would not take place anywhere else occur on fishing trips. The magic of nature and the memory-building process often allow resentments to fade away.

5.      It helps teams understand the value of goal-setting.

On any company fishing trip, there will be a clear goal. The captain will let you know what kinds of fish you’ll be after and how you’ll attempt to catch them. The results of the trip aren’t nearly as important as the short-term goal. Employees will have an opportunity on the return trip to talk about successes and failures. The goal having either been met or fallen just short. This is especially useful for employees who don’t get to see everyday results.

6.      Fishing demands problem-solving.

There’s no two ways about this one: the moment a person steps foot on a moving boat, problem-solving begins. You know this if you’ve spent any time on a deck. Now throw in some rods, reels, lines and hooks to really stir things up. Knot-tying, casting, hooking the bait and handling tangles will all step in the way. Quick thinking and fast decisions are necessities on the water.

7.      It develops a team culture.

When fishing trips become a regular company outing, they build team culture. The annual or bi-annual 3/4-day fishing trip that everyone talks about might be one of the first things a new employee hears. This kind of employee involvement builds by developing team culture. It shouts engagement.

8.      Fishing increases individual respect.

Solid teamwork depends on a high level of respect between its members. Each person must respect the other members of the team as individuals. That’s not always an easy task to overcome in the workplace. The relaxed atmosphere of a team fishing trip allows people a chance to get know each other. Developing friendships and finding things in common helps build respectful relationships. An abundance of individual respect in the workplace is the sign of a highly-motivated team.

9.      It improves team communication.

Concise team communication is a byproduct of developing relationships between co-workers. Many of the tools listed above come into play and help improve team communication. The trust and respect that lead to strong bonds between co-workers have an opportunity to flourish on a fishing trip. These bonds are the building blocks of true communication. Communication can be blocked in the workplace for any number of reasons. Fishing trips give employees an arena to address and break those barriers.

10. It inspires more productive workers.

Studies consistently show that employees who feel valued in the workplace stay with their company. Company fishing trips help develop those relationships that make an employee feel like they make a difference.

11. Fishing creates pictures and memories.

Every company fishing trip should end with a team photo. Whoever caught the largest fish can stand in the middle-or start whatever kind of tradition you want. The point is that there’s more to life than just work and you’ll want to remember those special team-building fishing trips.

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