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Posted on Jul 27, 2021 in All about Fishing | 0 comments

First fishing trip

Now that it is time to take your children on their first fishing trip, we thought it would be a good idea to put together some tips for you! 

Big thanks to A mother far from home for the great article!

Make it easy

If you don’t have any fishing equipment, start easy. These fishing combos save you all that trouble and come with a small tackle box that has everything you need to get started and instructions! Oh, and they come pre-spooled which is a total lifesaver for newbies.

Change your expectations.

If you’ve gone fishing previously it might have been a relaxing time for you. Maybe you put the pole in a PVC pipe on the ground and sit down and relax. If there are kids and hooks, however, it won’t start out relaxing. In fact, it might take years until you feel that a fishing trip feels like a calming family bonding time. Also, it might feel like a lot of work for a few fish. But that’s where we have to stop thinking things aren’t “worth it” on our end. I’m sure it’ll be “worth it” to them!

Avoid the baby poles.

Lots of people (and blogs) say to avoid the very small child poles. They aren’t even that cheap money wise, but you get a cheap line and they won’t grow with your child. A youth pole is different than a child pole, and youth poles will grow with your small child until adolescence. The very small toddler pole is not generally recommended.

Practice casting.

If you have more than one child who’s going fishing let them practice casting away from the other siblings. Let each child practice casting in a short distance at first, then farther and farther. Before you put bait on the hook, let them practice.

Live bait.

Obviously, this isn’t a necessity, but I personally think live bait is the most fun and interesting for kids. Depending on their age, worms may be more exciting than the actual fishing. With that said, it’s important to pick the right bait for kids because you want your kids to experience big wins so they catch a love for fishing. According to Take Me Fishing, you want your bait to be approximately the same size as your hook. Worms or crickets are fine, but maybe cut the bait to fit the size of the hook.

Just bring them along.

If you’re thinking of taking kids fishing, but aren’t sure where to start, just go to ponds, lakes, or fishing holes with your kids. Even toddlers will enjoy a walk in nature. Look at the pond for fish, talk about fishing, eat some fish! Just get them out there and exposed and build anticipation. Anticipation makes things so much more fun!

Fish where the fish are.

Now there are fish in our pond, but there aren’t tons. Fishing in our own pond goes against this, but it’s easy. So convenience wins! That said if you want to get your children into fishing go fish where the fish are. This will mean the kids actually get to experience the excitement of catching a fish regularly that first time. Whether you throw them back (fun in itself) or bring them home, your kids will be more excited about fishing again when they’ve experienced some success.

Keep time limits short.

If everyone’s having fun, by all means, stay. But as children begin to fish, particularly if they aren’t catching anything, don’t plan an all-day fishing expedition. A few hours may be enough, or even one hour if it’s one of the first few times you go. Bring snacks, blankets, or chairs for the kids to sit down if you’re fishing at a pond or lake.

Go barb-less.

You can actually get barb-less hooks (or wiggle the barb off with your thumbs, apparently) to help your kids practice casting without worrying about hooking someone else.

Have fun!

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