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Posted on May 23, 2017 in Specials & Competitions | 0 comments

Your holiday is just around the corner

Book your ultimate festive experience with Must Byt Fishing boat rides, pleasure trips AND our attractive fully equipped eight sleeper accommodation!

Situated opposite the Sony Evans Small craft harbour, you will be in walking distance from the beach and the Must Byt Fishing home base! You will also find yourself conveniently placed in the middle of the retail hub of the South Coast. So with a perfect view of paradise and the iconic launch pad as entertainment, there is nothing more you will need! BUT flat screen TV’s, laundry facilities, private braai areas and a swimming pool can’t hurt – just remember to bring your own towels.


Must Byt Fishing offers our clients the ultimate experience in all things including accommodation. The South Coast waters offer some of the richest fishing grounds with an abundance of game fish.

To book your accommodation please contact us on | (039) 315 6429

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