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Specials & Competitions

Keeping checking in to take advantage of our latest competitions and specials. We also feature information on all other fishing competitions – both local and national!

Know Your Tackle

Gear, gear and more gear! Because you can never have enough fishing gear. If there is anything you ever needed to know about fishing tackle, you will find it here. Posts include equipment reviews, interesting did you know and fun facts, as well as trends and innovations. This is only a taste of what you will find here.

Fish Species 101

To be a great fisherman, you must be one with the fish, and that is exactly what you will learn here. We take an in-depth look at various fish species including game, trophy and bottom fish to name a few. Useful articles on targeting specific species, catch records as well as trends and local secrets.

All about Fishing

The most amazing tips, tricks and tutorials to help you become a master fisherman or woman. We cover everything from casting to landing. Get the most helpful advice on baiting, setting up different rigs, hot fishing spots and much, much, more!

Back on Land

Because if you are not out at sea fishing, you will need something to do. Check out some awesome in and outdoor activities all based on the South Coast. Such as info on local shows and events. Where to eat and things for the whole family to enjoy.

Team Building

Invest in your business! We offer more than just pleasure cruises, we offer fantastic team building opportunities. Read our awesome corporate reviews and see how our team building can benefit your company. You will find your inspiration just from indulging in these posts.

In the Net

Time to show off that one that did NOT get away! If you need help identifying a fish you caught, just share it here and we will help you. Tell us about your fishing stories and adventures – we want to hear from YOU!


All the information you need to know on catch limits, legal fish sizes, fishing permits, endangered species and a whole lot more. Make sure you are well educated on all things related to fishing

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